No Man is an Island

Hello, my name is Louise and I’m a remote worker. This was a new concept to me until I joined the team 2 years ago. Before then I was used to a buzzing office, lunch with colleagues, face-to-face meetings and dressing to impress. Nowadays I roll out of bed straight to my laptop, spend my life on conference calls and have lunch with my cat.

Lunch with Cats

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE working from home and the healthy work/life balance that it brings; however when your nearest office is 80 miles away, it’s all far too easy to feel ‘remote.’

To help our partners and customers connect directly with our product experts, we are continually working on improving the community experience. We have just launched a new community with a roadmap to bring on more improvements. Think Facebook and LinkedIn combined with a wealth of knowledge sharing to help reconnect people and bring us all together. A simple concept, but with immense potential! Customers and partners can work directly with the team here to get help with their software or help develop our products, all through the product forums.

It turns out that thanks to the digital era, working from home isn’t nearly as ‘remote’ as it used to be. I get the best of both worlds: I’m part of a community that is helping to drive product innovation and greater collaboration with customers and partners and I still get to eat lunch with my cat. Happy days!

Any queries, please let me know and remember to follow me on LinkedIn.