Quest Client Profile Updating Utility 5.6.4 is Released!

Quest is proud to deliver Client Profile Updating Utility 5.6.4.   In this version the following 2 known issues were fixed.

  1. For migrations to the Exchange 2013, 2016 or Office 365 target using Dell Migration Manager for Exchange 8.13 with the 20161121EX hotfix or later, CPUU fails to apply RPC over HTTP settings provided by the MMEX switch message, resulting in a profile processing failure.
  2. For migration scenarios using Dell Migration Manager for Exchange 8.13. In case of migration to the Exchange 2010 target performed by MAgE (not by legacy agents) with Outlook 2016, CPUU cannot configure Exchange Public Folders.

It's also important to know that if you've downloaded and installed Migration Manager for Exchange Hotfix 20161121EX then you MUST use CPUU 5.6.4.   This is due to changes in the switch message used for CPUU.

You can download the new version of CPUU and the latest hotfix for MMEX from the below link: