Real-world Heroes: Is Rapid Recovery Verified Recovery a Superpower?


Suppose you could be a superhero – what superpower would you want? X-ray vision? Flying? Mind-reading? In a survey conducted by a European film rental service, accelerated healing ability like that possessed by the X-Men character Wolverine topped the list at 22%. And close behind it at 21% was telepathy.

That’s all well and good for adventure films and fantasy, but what about the real world? Could you possibly provide accelerated healing ability for your environment after an outage? See into the hidden states of your backups? Could you be an IT hero?

The answer is ‘yes,’ and we’ve got customer-testimonial evidence to prove it.

Just this month, the independent organization TechValidate conducted a survey of Data Protection users and asked them how our data protection had made them a hero.

Here are some of the many positive responses:

  • “Restoration of deleted files that were thought to be lost forever!”
  • “Faster recovery of user deleted data.”
  • “Being able to recover Exchange data within minutes instead of hour(s).”

And my personal favorite: “I can retrieve deleted files or folders for users before management finds out.” Now, that’s getting real-world!

We got so many great testimonials from our Data Protection customers in this survey that we’ve published a collection of them for all to see.

Visit this portal to read more, including a tale well told – too long to post here in full – of an IT admin who awakened (with a hangover) on New Year’s Day to the news that his company’s network, login servers, and email servers were all down.

Thanks to his installation of AppAssure software, by noon this admin had recovered his full environment and had the business 100% operational. That’s what I call an ‘accelerated healing ability’ in the world of data protection.

Less than two months after the incident this IT hero described, the next generation of AppAssure was released, renamed as Rapid Recovery. Like AppAssure, Rapid Recovery provides several kinds of checks to assure that your backups are recoverable, and informs you proactively if there’s a potential problem. This capability, called Verified Recovery, is just one of the features of Rapid Recovery that helps you do what the new product name implies: recover rapidly.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things Verified Recovery can do:

  • Integrity checks: Rapid Recovery verifies the block map for every incremental snapshot, even if you’ve set Rapid Recovery to back up every five minutes.
  • Mountability checks: Rapid Recovery makes sure each and every one of your Exchange server backups can be mounted, even if you’re backing up every five minutes.
  • Attachability checks for your SQL server and SharePoint backups: Verified Recovery can be set to do these checks automatically nightly.
  • Nightly automated checksum verification.

You can also manually force a check at any time.

Being absolutely certain that you can recover your backups isn’t quite telepathy, but for IT admins, the ability to see into the state of every backup, anytime, is decidedly a superpower. The Verified Recovery capability in Rapid Recovery is a real IT hero’s helper. It’s a set of well-integrated, automated tools you can use to save the day for your company.

Verified Recovery is a part of the Rapid Recovery core software. It works with other great Rapid Recovery features like Virtual Standby and Live Recovery to empower you to recover entire systems, applications, in their data in less than 15 minutes – accelerated healing! To learn more about how Verified Recovery works, read this technical brief.