Thanks, Grandma - How She Taught Me SharePlex Processes and Queues

My grandmother was the greatest. She was the iconic example of old world class and style… I never knew she was also a prophet.

As I was growing up, she would always take me aside and raising a finger crooked from age, she would point to me and say “Now Michael, you need to mind your P’s and Q’s.” I always did, wondering at my young age what in the world that meant.

Now I know… She knew SharePlex before there was a SharePlex.

What do P’s and Q’s have to do with SharePlex? SharePlex is made up of various processes and queues that move the changed data from your source database to your target database.

On your source side, you have you the P’s for processes: the Capture Process, Read Process, Export Process. Then you have your Q’s for queues: the Capture Queue and the Export Queue.

On your target side, you have your P’ and Q’s as well: the Import Process, Post Process and the Post Queue.

When you put it all together you have your P’s and Q’s from start to finish:

Capture Process -> Capture Queue -> Read Process -> Export Queue -> Export process -> Import Process -> Post Queue -> Post Process.

So all you have to do is follow Grandma and mind your P’s and Q’s and you’ll have SharePlex memorized.

Thanks, Grandma. You were the best!


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