The Secret to Stress-free Audits (and Happier Workdays)

Root canal, appendectomy, IT audit. Which is the most painful? Well, considering you’re numb with your feet up for the first two, I’d have to pick the latter.

Few things in life are more of a pain, and cause more stress, than the dreaded IT audit.

But I don’t have to worry about that.

Really? Just because you’ve established controls and processes, that doesn’t guarantee everyone’s following them. And there’s no worse time to discover unchecked risks and errors than during the audit itself.

So what can I do?

This will make you happy: automate the entire application change management process.

Is that even possible?

It is. It’s not only the best way to enforce security and help ensure you’ll pass your audit, but it also has the added benefit of making your life easier, even if you never get audited in the first place.

Oh, go on.

I will. Imagine never having to hunt down physical signatures again, never waiting outside anyone’s office when there are a million better ways you could be spending your time. Imagine never having to deal with “carbon-based bipedal life forms” unless you actually want to, to quote the great Douglas Adams.

That sounds pretty good.

Right? Can’t you feel the stress leaving your body already? It’s more relaxing than pre-root-canal nitrous oxide, not having to worry about manual tasks or sweating your way through an IT audit.

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