The 5 Ws of Your Oracle Transactions with No Database Performance Impact


When a large customer appreciation company needed to categorize their Oracle auditing data by region, SharePlex came to their rescue.  They were already using SharePlex’s Change History feature to track the userid’s, timestamp, before and after data values, and much more information about their data changes, but they needed to track from which region each change came.  SharePlex’s agile Development team was quick to respond and developed a one-off that supported their need. So not only did this customer have the functionality they required, but the feature is now standard and available for all.

Do you need to keep the who, what, where, when, how of the data changes in your database?  Let SharePlex do this with no impact to your database’s performance.  Neither will the analytics of this data impact your production database’s performance nor use up space since the information is stored on a different instance.  In addition, you can have Change History while also maintaining a near real-time copy of each table that could be used to offload reporting or other batch loads or ad-hoc queries; re-direct users to in the case of planned or unplanned downtime; or distribute the data to multiple targets for perhaps different reporting instances taking subsets of data, or maybe a full copy for high availability.

SharePlex can maintain a record of every change that occurs to an object or set of objects for a step-by-step record of change which can be used for data analytics like data mining or resolving customer disputes.  This history tracking can be done for all or a subset of tables in the database, or even just specific rows and/or specific columns, if desired.

The Change History feature records every change made to the table data as a continuous series of rows that contain –

  • The value of the key columns
  • The after image of the changed columns
  • Optionally, before image of data, userid, timestamp, type of operation, SCN, hostname, and category (defined by the SharePlex queue which only see data changes hitting specific tables, or perhaps from a specific database node)

Type of Operations supported include -

  • Optional - COMMIT

 Find out more about SharePlex features or watch a video on SharePlex Change Tracking.

More information about SharePlex configurations can be found on our Database Replication page.

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