Auto Add Replicates Specific Objects When Created on Source

SharePlex has an interesting feature termed Auto-Add that allows objects to be brought into replication as and when they are created on the source. Essentially the ongoing replication creates the objects in the target database once they are created on source and continuously applies the changes that occur on the source to the target object. Put another way, this feature allows newly created objects into replication on the fly.

This eliminates the elaborate steps of manually creating the target object, bringing it into replication and synchronizing it. But such convenient feature also requires checks and balances so as to allow users to specify what objects qualify for such inclusion. Otherwise every object that is created on source would be created on target and replicated. Such blanket inclusion would cause havoc as objects such as temporary tables, system tables and the like can cause issues on target if allowed to replicate.

There is one more reason this control exists. Not all tables involved in DML activity on source are replicated as some of them may not server the purpose of reporting. So the users want to control which tables to include in data replication on the basis of schema and table names when such objects get created.

There are two components of Auto-Add feature that control the replication:

1. A switch to turn on the Auto-Add feature:

The Capture parameter SP_OCT_AUTOADD_ENABLE if set to default value of 1 on source SharePlex tells it to enable the Auto-Add feature.

2. Object specification:

So that no undesired object is replicated this way, the config file maintains control by having wildcard entries in it that qualify the objects to be added into replication upon creation. Only objects that conform to the wildcard specs in the config file are created on target and replicated upon creation on source. There are many other options in the wildcard specs which are useful for handling different situations. For example, there can be explicit or wildcard exclusions within a wildcard specification.

In nutshell, the parameter SP_OCT_AUTOADD_ENABLE needs to be set to 1 and wildcard entry need to exist in the active config file for the feature to work.

For further details on the Auto-Add feature please refer to SharePlex Administrator Guide for your SharePlex version. The following link is from SharePlex version 8.6.5: