Toad Data Point 4.1 is now available.

Toad Data Point 4.1 is now available.  This new release focused on…

  • New 64-bit version of Toad Data Point.
  • Integrated search tool that allows users to easily search Toad World and Knowledgebase articles for errors that are encountered.

Below are some of the highlights of the new features introduced in Toad Data Point 4.1.

New 64-bit Version of Toad Data Point

  • Beginning with release 4.1, Toad Data Point is now available in a 64-bit version of the application, as well as a 32-bit version. Make your selection, 32-bit or 64-bit, during installation in a 64-bit operating system.
  • Use the 64-bit version of Toad Data Point to take advantage of performance benefits in a 64-bit environment. The 64-bit version of Toad provides users with improved speeds in many areas of the application (up to 33% faster). In addition, the 64-bit version provides significantly smaller memory usage.
  • Use the single Toad Data Point installer to install either the 64-bit version or the 32-bit version. If you are installing in a 64-bit operating system, the installer allows you to select which version to install.

Look Up Database Errors

  • Toad now allows you to easily search Toad World and Toad Knowledge Base articles whenever you encounter a database error.
  • In the database error message, click Look Up Error to open a page displaying multiple search results from a variety of sources. Toad returns search results from Toad World and Toad Knowledge Base articles. In addition, links to searches from a variety of search engines, such as Google, are also provided. Open these Web Search links to display search results from the Web.

A complete set of 4.1 new features is available at Toad Data Point 4.1 – Release Notes - New Features.​