Toad for Oracle 12.10 is now available.

Toad for Oracle 12.10 is now available.  This new release focused on…

  • More integration with Toad Intelligence Central
  • More Team Coding enhancements.
  • Improvements to the Jump Search feature.

If you would like to get an overview of what to expect in our Toad for Oracle 2016 R2 Suites, click here to view a blog written by John Pocknell, Toad for Oracle's Product Manager.

Below are some of the highlights of the new features introduced in Toad for Oracle 12.10.

Toad Intelligence Central Integration

  • A new high-level code-quality dashboard on Toad Intelligence Central shows combined information from Team Coding, Code Analysis, and Code Tester, thus enabling teams to view a code quality summary and trends by project and by database. This information includes traceability (who checked in what, when and why). Filtering of this data (for example, the worst 5 or 10 objects) is supported.
  • Team Coding can now be installed in a central development database on the Toad Intelligence Central server. This feature enables you to install Team Coding once, to service all development teams, rather than having to install it on every local team database. This prevents the loss of the Team Coding configuration when maintenance activities such as refreshes are performed.

  • Previously published artifacts can now have their content updated without the need to replace the existing artifact.

Team Coding

  • Team Coding now supports the Mercurial version control system. Toad supports standard version control commands, such as check-in, check-out, add, and revision information to your locally-stored Mercurial repository. For instructions on setting up Team Coding to work with Mercurial, see the Team Coding section of the online help.

  • ​You can now use different Code Analysis rulesets/controls with different Team Projects. The Code Analysis integration dialog is now shown on the Team Project configuration window. One benefit of this change is that you can apply one ruleset for one project to block check-in on failed validation, and then apply a different ruleset for another project to allow code check-ins on failed validation.

Improved Jump Search

  • Jump Search now integrates with the Toad support API to return more useful results from the Knowledge Base. Previously there was one Knowledge Base link under the Support Portal heading, which opened to a list of relevant KB articles in a browser. Now, there is a Knowledge Base heading, under which are links to every relevant Knowledge Base article. Each link shows the title of the article, and the articles open directly in Toad.

A complete set of 12.10 new features is available at Toad for Oracle 12.10 – Release Notes - New Features.​