Welcome to the Enterprise Reporter community!

Hello there!

If you are reading this post then most likely you've already got to download and install Enterprise Reporter 1.0 - the next generation reporting product.

Let me tell you why the whole product team feels so excited about this product. This is not just a face lift of its very popular predecessor products. This is a brand new product with a completely new and modern architecture and a different paradigm that speaks to its true Enterprise orientation.

Enterprise Reporter is a more secure, scalable, flexible and powerful product. Enterprise Reporter is just a much better product and we hope that it won't take you long to realize that.

To help you quickly ramp up with the new product we are launching this product community.

Follow this community to familiarize yourself with the product, know how you can get most out of the product, get expert advice from the product team and certainly get answers to your product related questions.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and share your feedback. Do not miss out on a unique opportunity to connect directly with the team that stands behind the product.

Thank you,

Alexey Korotich,

Product Manager on behalf of the entire Enterprise Reporter team