What's New in LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.0

A new release of LiteSpeed for SQL Server will be out on August 4, 2014. Here's a quick preview of all the new features and enhancements. More detailed blog posts to follow:

Updated user-interface

  • The “ribbon” replaces the old menus and toolbars and is easier to use, especially on high-resolution and high-DPI displays
  • Color schemes and look & feel are updated to a more current Windows style

Cloud support: LiteSpeed now includes the ability to back up to and restore from the Amazon S3 cloud

  • Back up on-prem SQL Servers and bypass local disk to back up directly to the Amazon S3 cloud
  • Back up SQL Server on Amazon EC2 to S3

Multi-Database Restore

  • Allows DBAs to restore more than one database without having to perform each restore manually
  • Supported through LiteSpeed's Automated Restore functionality
  • Simplifies restore testing script generation
  • Databases can originate from the same or different instances

Fast Compression support for multi-database backups via API

  • API support through xp_slsFastCompression to back up All, System, User, or a custom selection of databases in a single statement
  • A good option for DBAs not leveraging Backup Templates or Maintenance Plans

Re-Execute Failed Backup enhancement

  • The option is now available regardless of which node is selected in the Backup Manager
  • Now works on successful as well as failed backups

SQL Server 2014 support

  • Originally added in 7.5.2

Performance improvements with very small backups

  • Performance improvements (backup time and size) with very small database backups (think empty transaction log backups)

Improved Server File Browser

  • The Server file browser has been updated to include Size and Date/Time columns with the ability to sort
  • Helps when restoring from Device - Disk and backups must be selected manually

Improved cluster installer

  • We have reintroduced the manual node install option for clusters


More detailed posts to follow.