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how to change a local account on a pc

is it possible to use the application launcher to do a "Net user localuseraccout newpassword"  im trying to get the "Net user" command to work to change a local password and its not working , any ideas how to accomplish this?  id really rather not have a batch file with the command(which does work).

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  • Hi Malcarese,
    In answer to your specific question, yes it is possible to use the application launcher to launch the NET USER command to change the local password. However, it is not advisable to do so due to the many inherent problems involved including the security considerations. Desktop Authority has a specific feature that will allow you to change the local Administrator password in a sound and secure manner. In fact, there is a feature in the User Based Management profile located in the General object and there is one in the Computer Based Management profile in the Local Account Management object. You must simply choose which one you want to use. If you choose to use both, then you will create a conflict with these settings. So, simply choose one of the objects and configure it accordingly.

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