Quest Logon Script User and Citrix XenAPP

Hello together,

we have setup an application Server for XENAPP with Office etc.
The users see these applications, can open them, etc.

But -> they cannot save or open documents etc. cause the company drives are not shown.

And this is why i am asking here:   the Logon script is a slogic script (Quest Desktop Authority)

Drives are not mapped like "net use" in the script, it is configured via Quest Desktop Authority.

So i created an testuser with "normal" net use logon script - this is working.

Does anyone know how can i add the network drives via logonscript or any alternate possibilities ?

I use Client Configuration -> Profiles -> Drive Mappings

One more point:

Network drives are not identical for every user, depending on department

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  • one more thing! you said "Network drives are not identical for every user, depending on department"

    that is exactly why you want to go DA for drive mapping rather than scripts. We currently have 27 different drive mappings depending on dept, function and location. All are based on AD group mappings so all I have to do is add a user to the "These people get mapped the Secretaries drive" group and the next time they log in, they have the new drive letter.
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