What about Creating WebBrowser Objects ? The logon process is far too long

Please tell me about Creating WebBrowser Objects?

Every logon the WebBrowser Objects was created! It Need's over 10 seconds for every logon.

For what is this process required? The logon process is far too long for my feeling.

Is it possible to Switch it off, if not really needed?


09:37:51 Creating WebBrowser Objects...

09:38:04 'slBrowser' is ready for use!



  • Hi Werner,
    The webbrowser COM object is being registered with the system at the time that you see the delay. It should not take 10 seconds to register this object. It is not possible to switch it off and I suspect that if it were possible, that the delay would then simply move to the next object. We have seen this delay only a couple of times in the past and it has been related to either anti-virus or a bad machine.config file. It is more likely that anti-virus is responsible for the delay since we have only had one previous report of a bad machine.config on one workstation. My advice is to view the SLAgent_logon.log and look at the same time in that log that corresponds to the time in the trace file where you see the delay. Then take note of what the process is that the agent is doing at that time. Of course, it might be quicker and easier to either disable or remove the anti-virus from the client machine in order to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Hello Quest-Mac


    i have to disappoint you, we have installed a new PC with Windows 10 Enterprise, we have neither anti-Virus Software nor Windows Defender nor a Firewall to run.

    And we have the same behavior. No improvement.

    sltace :

     10:19:12    Copying [\\XXXXXXXXX\netlogon\FireFoxPrefOverrides.ini] to [C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\Desktop Authority\Common\] with [Y R C H] [] []  [Force32BitPath=0]
     10:19:12     Creating WebBrowser Objects...
     10:19:27     'slBrowser' is ready for use!
     10:19:27        Calling slBrowser.Init(0)
     10:19:27     'slFolderRedirect' is ready for use!
     10:19:27     'slIEConfig' is ready for use!
     10:19:27   OnOffNetworkStatus = ON_NETWORK





    sltrace_logoff - the same behavior and see the delay!

    10:16:48 Creating WebBrowser Objects...
    10:17:03 'slBrowser' is ready for use!
    10:17:03 Calling slBrowser.Init(1) 10:17:03 'slFolderRedirect' is ready for use! 10:17:03 'slIEConfig' is ready for use! 10:17:03 OnOffNetworkStatus = ON_NETWORK


    It's your turn!Thats not ok and we use Standard Windows 10 Installation, please tell me what on a standard installed pc should be configured wrong? I'm curious :-)A Statement to make something wrong was configured is already very strange.Same behaviour under Standard Windows 7, well synonymous misconfigured?


  • Nobody answers. I was waiting for a statement how we have configured the client wrong. I have to say Da10.x has a lot of bugs, thats the truth. We are very angry about Version 10.x. We have to say from version 9.x to version 10.x all things are slower and worse.
    We have paid a lot of money for the update from 9 to 10 and we have more problem than ever before. The only reason we have to update is that DA 9.1 could not work with Windows 10.

    Again for what need we the step webbrowser object? its versy slow, every user have wait over 15 seconds at logon over 15 seconds at logoff, only for creating webbrowser objects..
  • I'm the Desktop Authority Support manager and appreciate your input. Sorry for the delay in our response, but it's taken some time for Mac, our technical product specialist, to test the scenario you describe. The items you report raise many questions. Also, a complete Trace file is needed to adequately troubleshoot.

    Please call us in Support at a number found at support.quest.com/.../phone-number-listing, or a Service Request can be created at: support.quest.com/contact-support, so we can better troubleshoot this issue.

    For complex issues, such as this one, please see Best practices: How to get the most out of this forum at www.quest.com/.../best-practices-how-to-get-the-most-out-of-this-forum.
  • We have this Problem too. This problem occurs more often when the client does not have access to the Internet. It belongings as if the DA client wants to download a Cooky and this is not allowed