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Failed MSI installers

We are unable to get MSI to deploy in DA below is one of the examples of SLtrace

16:09:33 Assessing machine for package: FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI [FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI, , , 41]

16:09:34 Assessment returned: 0 16:09:34 FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI needs to be Installed!

16:09:34 Queueing: FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI - [, , 41]

16:09:34 Launching .InstallPatches(0, 4, 1, 1, 10) 16:10:59 sub> slRegEdit: Action=[WriteValue] Key=[HKLM\Software\ScriptLogic\SMO] Value=[FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP] Data=[{64BA838F-B0E1-4270-8E93-132A49E7BA4E}] Type=[Reg_SZ] Force32=[1]

  • one of the things that's great about msi's is their standard options. You can turn on extended logging of any (well written) msi and get something that should give a clue. Down in the additional command line options of the msi package install rule, you can add in: /log c:\installation.log

    that will force extensive logging and put it in an easy to find log file. Hopefully the contents of the log file will give you a clue as to what is going on.

    As an idea, you might try a /quiet or /qn as well. It is obviously attempting to start, but it could be hanging up waiting for input.

    This site: shows they used the following command line options for the msi: DESKTOP_SHORTCUT="0" MAKEDEFAULT="0" VIEWINBROWSER="0" LAUNCHCHECKDEFAULT="0" AUTO_UPDATE="0" /passive /norestart /qn

    Hope that helps!
  • When troubleshooting MSI Deployment other than the SLTrace.htm there are some additional logs that will help find the issue.

    After reviewing the SLTrace file to see if the MSI Package element validated you can check the SLTrace_PM_DayOfTheWeek.htm file that is in the same folder as the SLTrace. This log will show additional information on the MSI Package deployment process.

    Finally after reviewing the SLTrace_PM file as butlerm stated MSIs have their own logging. When DA executes an MSI the MSI creates a log here under the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\Desktop Authority\DA Update Client\Cache\SMO” folder. In this location there should be a .log file with the same name as the MSI Package.

    If any further assistance is needed please Contact Technical Support directly to have a support case opened and we can review your logs and settings.