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Failed MSI installers

We are unable to get MSI to deploy in DA below is one of the examples of SLtrace

16:09:33 Assessing machine for package: FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI [FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI, , , 41]

16:09:34 Assessment returned: 0 16:09:34 FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI needs to be Installed!

16:09:34 Queueing: FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP.MSI - [, , 41]

16:09:34 Launching .InstallPatches(0, 4, 1, 1, 10) 16:10:59 sub> slRegEdit: Action=[WriteValue] Key=[HKLM\Software\ScriptLogic\SMO] Value=[FOXITREADER90_ENU_SETUP] Data=[{64BA838F-B0E1-4270-8E93-132A49E7BA4E}] Type=[Reg_SZ] Force32=[1]

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  • one of the things that's great about msi's is their standard options. You can turn on extended logging of any (well written) msi and get something that should give a clue. Down in the additional command line options of the msi package install rule, you can add in: /log c:\installation.log

    that will force extensive logging and put it in an easy to find log file. Hopefully the contents of the log file will give you a clue as to what is going on.

    As an idea, you might try a /quiet or /qn as well. It is obviously attempting to start, but it could be hanging up waiting for input.

    This site: shows they used the following command line options for the msi: DESKTOP_SHORTCUT="0" MAKEDEFAULT="0" VIEWINBROWSER="0" LAUNCHCHECKDEFAULT="0" AUTO_UPDATE="0" /passive /norestart /qn

    Hope that helps!
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