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New Full Build Update for Desktop Authority (

The following is a list of issues resolved in this hotfix/patch.  This mandatory hotfix addresses the following issues:

DA Manager

• Improved logging around GPO Deployment, specifically in the case where the manager service is unable to establish a proper connection with the primary domain controller.
• Fixed issue where disabling one or more of the possible client provisioning methods, via editing slboost.ini, was not working as expected.
• Fixed issue where the console breaks when a certain type of valid custom certificate is imported via the setup tool.
• Fixed issue where ExpertAssist.exe was not being replicated during the replication process.

Expert Assist

• Improved ExpertAssist logging around the modifying of wallpaper on client machines.
• Fixed issue where incorrect process details were sometimes being displayed after a process was selected via the ExpertAssist admin console (Computer Management -> Processes).
• Fixed issue where the ExpertAssist authentication box was missing the NTLM option when Internet Explorer was being used.

DA Installer

• Fixed issue where the installation of Desktop Authority was dependent on “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support” being enabled.

DA Client

• Fixed issue where certain Windows 10 desktop machines were being incorrectly classified as laptops.


• Fixed issue where the Reporting tool help link was not working.

Release Notes and Download can be found HERE.