Upgraded 9.2 to - pretty smooth except for it disabled outlook cached mode for everyone

This weekend we upgraded DA 9.2 to  We always waited long because upgrading DA was never an easy task.  The server side was usually pretty smooth... but we always had issues with clients stuck trying to log in, or not able to update the Desktop authority application due to windows installer error codes.

Thankfully none of that was an issue this time around.  The biggest thing that would occur is Windows 10 machines would take additional time to repair USB Port Security, then automatically reboot.  

Since the upgrade Monday morning, we've been getting a lot of complaints about how SLOW Outlook is, or how its crashing.  We've discovered in all reports that the users cached mode was disabled and they were all running in online mode, which is painfully slow.  I checked Outlook client elements and we did have an outlook policy in there from years ago, that either wasn't working properly in 9.2, or isn't working properly now in 10.2.  Anyway one of the things was in the cached mode tab it wasn't explicitly checked OR unchecked.  It was the dot icon.  Its my understanding that checked means force cached mode on, unchecked means force cached mode off, and a dot means leave alone (the user decides).  Well for some reason 10.2 was turning OFF cached mode, resulting in poor performance.

We've since deleted this since we use GPO's to define Outlook settings, and autodiscover to establish new mail profiles.  I just had to create a GPO to enforce cached mode to undo the mess that DA 10.2 did.

Let this be of assistance to another customer, or if Quest support sees this message, they can do some testing of their own.

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  • Hello sauerk,

    This is the first report of an issue where during an upgrade to 10.2 the Cached Mode option is being disabled although the “Leave Alone” option is selected. We appreciate you posting this on the forums to bring it to our attention. If possible, please submit a Technical Service Request and we can investigate further.

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