Nested Computergroups not working

When I try to deploy software to users based on membership of a Computergroup this only works when the PC is a direct member of the group, when I put a computergroup within another computergroup the task is not assigned to the user.

We use version

Is this a bug?

  • There are a couple of possible causes for this.

    1. Make sure the check box is selected “Include child groups”.
    2. If you have recently made the change in Active Directory then you may need to wait for or force AD Replication.
    3. This could also happen if the user’s machine has not received the updated group membership. You can force an update of Group Policies on the user's machine by opening CMD Prompt and running the command GPUpdate /Force.
  • First, check the box to select the group. if you have recently changed anything you have to wait for a few seconds to get the application. After getting the application id press window +R to update the GPU command. If have any quarry then contact     ***Information has been Flagged as Spam and has been Deleted. if you feel that the information deleted is not Spam please contact us or Reply to the Private message Sent. ****

  • There was a bit of a similar problem in the enterprise, characterized by the fact that the app gave errors after each launch. It was a local area network, and the office suite was connected to all the computers on the network. We called a specialist, he already figured out, but the problem was that one of the staff knocked down the settings in the program itself. Now we began to use SoftActivity, software for monitoring staff actions.