Search through profiles for setting

I have quite a few profiles with different printer configurations. When it comes time to switch print servers, say replacing Server 2008 R2 with 2016 or 2019, I have to hunt through each profile for the old server and replace it with the new one. I have never seen it but I am hoping there is a hidden search function. Search and replace would be even better but anything would help.

Thanks for any guidance,


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  • Hi Steve,

    What I do is search the *.slp files in the slscripts$ share or in a netlogon for what I'm looking for.   I wouldn't change these files directly but the search will quickly and easily tell you exactly what profiles need to be updated within the DA interface.  I use this all the time! It's great that "“Easily replace multiple values in the Desktop Authority Console”, tracked under Change Request #3397" is being considered. 

    As a side note, I also use the SLP files to quickly verify the contents of the profiles.  I have several profiles that should be using the same drive mappings, for instance.  I can grab the drive mappings out of the SLP for each of these profiles then sort and compare them for differences.  It also will help you find small problems, like an extra space at the end of a registry path.  You could probably use the SLP files to programmatically create reports in a custom format.  I haven't done that.

    Hope that helps