Automatically review, analyze, report PL/SQL code quality

Outsourcing is a double edge sword. It saves companies money but often times sacrifices quality.

I was working with a software company that moved half of their database development work overseas. The code they would get back was inefficient at best and broken at worst. The quality was simply not up to par to the local team's standards. They already spent a huge some of money setting it up and let go of some great people. When they came to us, they were wasting resources having the team in the US review work that was done overseas. What's the point of outsourcing if you need someone here to do the work again?

The team was already familiar with the basic features of Toad for Oracle, but I showed this team that Toad has the ability to review PL/SQL code being produced by the overseas team automatically. These aren't just syntax and compilation errors - the Code Analysis in Toad checks for best practices, efficiency, performance and much more. It will identify hundreds of issues as well as enable custom rules the team defines. The rule violations are highlighted to the developer while they're coding in real time so they can fix their issues right away.  

Reports can be generated on schedules or on triggers like when a developer checks in their code to a version control system. These reports grade the code and provides insight about how well it will perform. These reports can be reviewed by senior or lead developers for further analysis, feedback, or corrections.

Like many of our customers, they already owned Toad. They just didn't know about this great feature.

This process -

  • Helps the overseas team produce better code and become better developers
  • Helps the local team quickly review code, reject anything poor, frees them to focus on their own projects
  • Saves the company money all around and make the most out of their current investments

Visit Toad World to learn more about Code Analysis and many other great features of Toad for Oracle.