Oracle Yacht Fund Capsizing Your IT Budget?

We’re throwing you a lifesaver – catch onto the more affordable OEM alternative.

Help! I can’t afford Diagnostics and Tuning packs for performance monitoring with Oracle® Enterprise Manager.

Really? You mean you’re not currently backstroking through a mansion of gold coins, Scrooge McDuck style? That’s shocking. You must be part of a normal, hard-working organization that’s unable to shell out endless amounts of cash.

It’s like you know me. But, seriously, why Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning packs are so expensive?

Listen, yacht spinnakers don’t just pay for themselves. If you want deep-dive performance diagnostics, you’ll need to make a generous donation to the boating fund.

Isn’t there another way to get the functionality I need without breaking the bank?

Funny you should ask. We just wrote a tech brief on that very topic. Would you like to get a gander at the goods? Of course you would. You’ll see why contributing to the cruise ship Kickstarter campaign that may or may not rhyme with Shmoracle isn’t always necessary.

I’m intrigued. But also weary of clicking on buttons and/or downloading educational materials. Why don’t you give me the Cliff’s Notes?

I like your style, dude. And sure. So here’s the thing a lot of DBAs and IT managers don’t know about: There’s this product called Foglight® for Oracle. It’s what you want to look for when your costly IT vessel is careening toward rocky cliffs. That beacon of light and hope on the horizon? That’s Foglight.

So Foglight is my OEM alternative?

You got it. And the really cool thing about it, beyond the fact that it costs a fraction of the price – we’re not big on sailing over here – is that it actually delivers even more functionality than you get with the other guys, and it’s all included. No add ons needed.

Does it support all Oracle editions and configurations?

Do tech billionaires insist on wearing turtlenecks? Yes. Yes, they do. (What are they hiding? Tracheotomies? Hickeys? Neck tattoos? A secret desire to become a magician? I don’t know!)  And while they aren’t likely to give you complete visibility into both their neck regions and your databases, we’re doing the exact opposite. We’re taking an honest, unbuttoned approach to delivering unprecedented database visibility.

You just hit me with some pretty solid visuals. I can only imagine the kind of visualization Foglight delivers.

Yeah, Foglight makes it super easy to see and understand all your performance diagnostics at a glance. And that’s really just the beginning of what it can do to slash your workload and IT costs. So if you’re struggling to pay for an expensive toolset, or if you’re struggling with Oracle tuning because your boss won’t pay for said expensive toolset, you’ve got to check out this tech brief.

Next Step: Jump Ship!

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