Stat 6.0 is now available

While I am here to officially announce the availability of the new Stat release (6.0), it seems that I should first introduce myself as the new Product Manager for Stat.  I’m pleased to be joining this highly qualified team with a long track record of delivering real value to our customers.  This an exciting time at Quest Software (in our first full year as an independent company) and also an exciting time in the life of Stat.  We have good things coming on both the short and long-term horizon.  Stay tuned to the blogs on the community for more about this later. Now, onto the business at hand... 

The Stat team is pleased to announce the release of Stat 6.0. I don’t get to take any credit for this release, but I can tell you that it is a major release with an enhanced web client and updated design.  I can also tell you that it includes scripts to upgrade from 5.7.x or 5.8.x to make it easy for those customers on 5.7.x to move directly to the newest version! 

You can keep an eye out over the next few weeks for additional blogs that cover individual features, but in the meantime, check out this informative list that Nanci Chau, one of our outstanding support engineers, put together about the new 6.0 release:

New Features in Stat 6.0

  • Enhanced Web Client with updated design
  • Added support for SSH2
  • Implemented new Business Rules for Approval Update and Approval Satisfied events
  • Added the new Oracle® Applications Patch Apply report that lists Oracle Applications patches applied through Stat
  • Added two new reports for Mass Migration

Enhancements in Stat 6.0

  • Enhanced pre-5.7 Migration History reports. 1403
  • Added a global parameter to set max number of rows for reports. 1404
  • Updated SQL Server JDBC driver to support SSL connections. 1536
  • Removed Project Name from non-PeopleSoft Migration History reports. 1563
  • Removed Other tab from CSR Window. 1569
  • Added additional fields to Patch Impact Report. 1601
  • Added additional criteria for Oracle Patch Reports. 1603
  • Prevent removal of objects from Interim Archive Sets when removed from CSR. 1617
  • Added support for Permission List migration flag introduced in PeopleSoft® 8.55. 1621
  • Removed CSR Issues from Stat. 1624
  • Removed Billed Hours, Billed Rate, and Auto Update fields from CSR Tasks. 1636
  • Removed PeopleSoft Edit Object option from the popup menu. 1639
  • Added FILE_CONTENT_TYPE to the list of parameters for OA XML Publisher object type. 1659
  • Updated Oracle JDBC driver resolve blob processing issues. 1666
  • Added a link from CSR Information popup to export CSR Full report. 1674
  • Use non-proportional font for viewing objects in Archive Sets. 1881

For more information about Stat 6.0, check out release notes on the support site.

If you have any questions or would like to provide any feedback, you can either reach me directly at or you can provide it on the Stat community.