Would you like to have a direct influence on the Toad Products? Introducing Toad Design Research.

We need your help. We know you are the experts using our products or how you might want to use our products.

Our most valuable data comes from you. When you participate in our research studies, you are talking to people who have direct influence in the design process. One may see an existing product or a new prototype. In addition, we could just chat with you about how you use certain products or ask you to keep a record of activities over time during a study.

By sharing with us, you will give us the insights needed to build better products that make your job easier. Most studies are remote and you can participate from wherever you are.

Design research (also called user experience research) is a broad term that encompasses many different ways of gathering information about people and how they use products. When you participate in our research, you will be helping us make our products better by giving us feedback. We might ask you do various activities, like looking at potential designs or going through our current products and reviewing them. We need your feedback during each step of the design process - from discovery to launch and everything in between.

Below are a few perks of participating:

Be among the first to see and test new ideas and features

  • Tell us about your current issues
  • Access to our design and product team
  • Give direct input into making improvements on our products and share your ideas

Interested? Sign Up Here!

Get more information and feel free to contact the user experience design and research team at design@labs.quest.com