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Problems handling AD DeletedObjects in custom reports

Hi there,

I have customized a Report from the library to show a certain set of user data. The report shows also deleted users and it's ok, because the Discovery includes all DeletedObjects, but want them to be highlighed or grouped in some way an not confused with the active users.

Do you have some hints?




  • Hello,
    Could you please specify the report you're using and how you had customized it?
  • Hello Yuri,
    I've customized the report "Disabled Accounts", adding the fields: "Expiration Date", "Last Logon" and "Last Logon Timestamp".

    I think I have already resolved by adding a new Discovery, collecting Groups and members only (excluding Deleted Objects).

    When I run a report now, I have all the data except the Deleted Objects.
    I have created a new report, called "Deleted Accounts" correctly showing only those objects.
    Should I try a different solution?
    Thanks & regards