Enterprise Reporter

Enterprise Reporter 3.0 is now available

Enterprise Reporter 3.0 is available as of August 10th


What's New in Enterprise Reporter 3.0? 

  • New Office 365 platform support 
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Tenant/Subscription/Licensing
    • Exchange Online
    • OneDrive for Business
    • Hybrid Permissions by Account
  • Security Explorer Remediation Reports
    • For organizations that require remediation, Enterprise Reporter has integration with Quest Security Explorer.
      Quest Security Explorer is included as part of the Enterprise Reporter Suite.
    • This allows Security and IT
      Administrators to take actions directly from report results. Based on the results of the reports, an administrator can
      perform user, group, and permission management actions such as revoke, clone, backup, restore, and much
  • IT Security Search Integration Options
    • Enterprise Reporter has new configuration options for IT Security Search integration.
  • Performance Enhancements
    • NTFS Collector - You can now collect information from the same computer in more than one NTFS discovery simultaneously, and
      the collected data is still available for each discovery after it runs. This performance option allows you to collect
      different shares from the same computer using multiple discoveries and schedules. In addition, the collection tasks
      for an NTFS discovery are now created at the share level instead of at the computer level. This allows you to use
      more nodes to load balance and increase the performance of your NTFS discoveries.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  • New Reporting Options
  • Enhanced Data Collection 
  • and more

Find all of the details on the What's New doc with version 3.0 on our Quest Support site  

Want to watch a quick video of What's New Enterprise Reporter 3.0?  Check it out HERE

Full Enterprise Reporter Suite video