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What’s New in Enterprise Reporter 2.6 Hotfix #4

What’s New in Enterprise Reporter 2.6 Hotfix #4


Enterprise Reporter 2.6 Hotfix #4 is a maintenance release that addresses the issues noted below as well in the attached Read Me. This release is cumulative, meaning that if version 2.6 is installed, you can safely install the version found in this solution without losing any fixes or functionality provided in version 2.6. Customers who already have a previous version of Enterprise Reporter installed can upgrade directly to this maintenance release following the appropriate install instructions found in the attached Read Me article. This release can also be used by customers who are installing Enterprise Reporter for the first time.


Resolved Issues:

  • Configuration Manager doesn't sort discovery tasks properly in the "Last Run" column - VSTS003549 
  • Collector is case sensitive for the collection of attributes - VSTS004071 
  • Some group objects with a SIDHistory in the domain do not show in Enterprise Reporter - VSTS004122 
  • Cannot set report timeout for PowerShell commandlets - VSTS004395 
  • Scheduled report emails not sending after upgrading from Enterprise Reporter 2.5.1 to - VSTS004403 
  • Upgrade error for database upgrade Version 2.5 to 2.6; Case sensitive SQL server, upgrade scripts are not case sensitive - VSTS004608
  • Issue with UTC time based in Extended Attributes in the Active Directory collection - VSTS004833 
  • Issues collecting "Password Complexity Requirements" attribute on non-PDC DCs during computer discoveries - VSTS004933 
  • Null reference exceptions when scheduling a report has no SMTP credentials saved and report is set to email - VSTS005023 
  • SIDHistory with control characters '|' in the database 5024 


Included fixes from 2.6 Hotfix #3:

  • Computer collection fails when encountering installed software with a number date instead of a string date - VSTS002616 
  • Duplicate entries in AD | HealthCheck | User | Disabled Accounts report after upgrade from 2.5.1 - VSTS002709 
  • Domain trusts not showing properly for various trusts in Domain Trusts Report - VSTS002738 
  • Active Directory scan fails with object reference error for NULL Distinguished Name - VSTS002761 
  • Computer Collector throws an exception for unknown Windows Service accounts - VSTS002766 
  • Cannot exclude a FileStream share - VSTS002792 
  • Read Only Domain Controller is not being displayed in NTFS Select Scopes picker - VSTS002798 
  • msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed extended attribute showing as an integer rather than a date - VSTS002948 
  • No data when discovering extended multi-value attributes servicePrincipalName and msds-allowedtodelegate - VSTS003011 
  • Importing SQL scopes using a text file fails for database instances (sqlserver\instance) - VSTS003173 
  • AD discoveries fail with the error "An operation error occurred" for tokenGroup attributes - VSTS003185 
  • AD Discovery Error: Extended attributes with multiple values are never saved to database - VSTS003229 
  • Every attribute value (including extended attributes) is checked for null - VSTS003239 
  • You need to be a domain admin to collect permissions in 2.6; in 2.5 a domain user was all that was needed - VSTS003533 
  • Active Directory scan fails with object reference error - VSTS003540 


Included fixes from 2.6 Hotfix #2:

  • WMI calls in Computer collector do not use full user name, this treats the user as local user which is wrong- VSTS002132
  • Underscore characters are not being processed correctly in report parameters - VSTS002140
  • User attribute mapping failing for users with multiple SID histories - VSTS002462
  • Delta Processor: Process files separate from folders - VSTS002554
  • User attribute mapping failing for users with terminal services (corrupted binary blob) - VSTS002559
  • Attribute mapping for AD discovery - need to ensure collector continues if mapping errors occur (for all entity types) - VSTS002564
  • Computer collection fails when encountering installed software with a number date instead of a string date - VSTS002616
  • Active Directory Discovery fails with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when calculating the name of the primary group for a user - VSTS002618


Included fixes from 2.6 Hotfix #1:

  • Slow server not processing heartbeats fast enough causing faulted nodes - VSTS000077
  • Collection groups in AD discovery causing error: "Server does not support the control. The control is critical." - VSTS000078
  • On Server restart, if server was in the process of dispatching a task, it will be re-dispatched, and we may get error in node log and cause tasks to get stuck processing - VSTS000079
  • AD Browser does not enumerate all computers in a container. - VSTS000159
  • Data inconsistency between 'Report' and 'Export to CSV' options for the report 'Domain Groups and Members' - VSTS000175
  • Seeing NULL values in custom query pulling data from Local Computer Account table - VSTS000347
  • Parameter Types and Parameter Names to be fixed for Custom Query Reports for File Storage Analysis - VSTS000456
  • Group members from different Domain within same forest are not resolved. - VSTS000493
  • Reports are blank if a report from the report library has their layout set to autogenerate - VSTS000510
  • Object counts causing too many queries - VSTS000563
  • ER can't publish Domain Groups and Members report to Knowledge Portal - VSTS000673
  • Some Active Directory Computer reports return no results - VSTS000681
  • Active Directory Account Lockout Duration not being reported correctly - VSTS002059
  • Local group members are not stored in DB during Recursive Group Membership collection - VSTS002082


Please download the maintenance hotfix by Clicking Here