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Enterprise Reporter 3 Progress Indicator


Stil no progress indicator for discovery tasks?
I thought this was going to be implemented in this version...?


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  • Hello,

    Apologies for a very late response, this post got overlooked by accident.

    Unfortunately no, we did not add a new progress indicator for discovery tasks in version 3.0 but have you tried the new email notification feature.  This will help notify you when a discovery is complete.  

    From the Enterprise Reporter 3.0 What's New:

    Node and Discovery Email Notifications

    Enterprise Reporter can be configured to send email notifications that indicate when nodes and discoveries change state and may need administrator intervention. You can configure host, sender, and recipient information, and select whether to send notifications for node state changes, discovery state changes, or both. You can also select whether to include all discovery state changes or just the failures.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you,


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