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Report to include the parent OU infront of the user



I have the following scenario


domain\OU1\newOU has user1, user2 and user3


Domain\Ou2\customOU has user4, user5 and user6

Now I need a report that shows something like this

User         OU

User1        OU1

user2         OU1  

user5         OU2

user6         OU2

user3         OU1


I tried doing this but it shows the CustomOU and NewOU infront of the users.

Appreciate your help

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  • Hi Naureen,

    So the report is to show all users residing under, Domain\OU\

    so from parameters I will add only Domain\OU and it gives me all users recursively.

    report output should be:
    Domain\OU User1
    Domain\OU User2
    Domain\OU User3

    Where user1 is actually under domain\ou\ou1

    the representation of the report becomes very irrelevant when it shows like this

    Domain\OU User2
    Domain\OU\OU1 User3
    Domain\OU\OU1\OU2 User4
    Domain\OU\OU1\OU2\ou3\ou4 user5
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