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Users and Computer count per OU and difference with previous month

I am looking for a way to create a report in Enterprise Reporter 2.6.0

I need to get a report so we can see the difference for the number of users and workstations used in our different offices.

Report would be best if I could see the different OU's below each other with below each OU the current number of users and the number of workstations.
Would also be nice to see the number of users and number of workstations of the month before the current report so we can see the growth/shrinkage of the different offices we have (at the moment 35 offices and soon expanding to over 70)

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  • Hello,

    I'm curious if the Domain Summary report (or a modified version of it) is close to the report you are looking for.  If collecting Object counts in the Active Directory discovery, each OU and the objects count for users/groups/computer is included for each.  Now, this report does not include any historical data.  


    For historical data, if you have change history enabled for the Active Directory Discovery, we could update the Active Directory Change History report, filtered to only show the changes to OUs' object counts.


    And next question, do you have are you able to enable change history in your collections?  Note:  this will increase database size and collection time.

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