Can Enterprise Reporter pull information from active directory that shows who created user

Hello All,

I am using Enterprise Reporter on active directory users creating a report to find out who creates user accounts.  For example, testUser1 was created on (Date) by user account (JSmith1).  I was looking through the Field list in the report definition UI but none of the available fields stand out to me in regards to an attribute that captures the account that created the user object. I do see 'Creation Date',  but seemingly nothing for who created it.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  • Common misunderstanding about the nature of the data that Reporter provides.

    Reporter provides "state" data - the current state of AD objects.  It doesn't tell you "how" the object got to the state it's in (apart from create and last modification dates)

    The OS tracks the information you are looking for in transactional form in the Windows Security Log on each Domain Controller.

    Quest has a couple of products that can help you gather this type of data if you like:

    InTrust - allows you to gather and review native Windows security logs in a centralized viewer

    Change Auditor - generates its own highly optimized set of audit information using agents installed on Domain Controllers.

    'Hope this is helpful.

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