Creating a Custom Database Report

I have a question that revolves around creating customized reports.  I have read through the documentation extensively and still haven’t found an answer.  But is there a way to create a customized report showing (combining) multiple SQL Server instances (N number) in just one report?  What I am looking for a is a Monthly Performance report that just incudes only basic resources (CPU, Memory, I/O, Network Speed, and database growth for a N number of instances –preferably in a bar graph format).  Detail would show the results on a daily basis that is rolled up to each month.  I would like to choose the instances and they might change month to month.  The templates have not provided what I am looking for (i.e. - Enterprise SQL Server Performance Report).  And so far I haven’t found a way to do this.  I see that there is a way to “query” the data but this also requires a single instance even though it is asking to create a “list”.  So I’m not sure if this can done.  Any assistance is greatly be appreciated!

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