SQLSever Job Failure - Alert Not Generating - when Job Having Retry option and Failed.


in my environment we have some jobs in sql server. job havinf multiple steps. in step1 as per business retyr for 1 time and still job not success then it will fail. in those scenarios Foglight capturing the job failure ( as per Job history). but create alarm functionality is not able to create the alaram. it seems some logic is missing for checking retry conditions.


if any one have faced the situation , let me know the solution.



  • Hi Srikanth,

    I would recommend upgrading the SQL Server cartridge from the current version that is installed to the most recent release. There have been some recent improvements in the design in the Jobs Failed alarm and in the Agent Job List collection.

    As well, a review of the FMS alarm cache and a count and purge of alarms in your system may be another consideration as described in Knowledge Base Article 80646.

    If both of these do not resolve the issue, additional assistance can be provided via a Support Request that would include a review of the log files from your environment.


  • I have created Case with Quest SEV1 - Almost 10 days back, Still DEV team is investigating on this. this issue happening only one specific job in one server.