SQL Grant permission script error

Dear All, 


 We have recently upgraded the  Database cartridge to  We are trying to configure a SQL 2012 DB, when we try to manually execute the Grant permission script  we are receiving the below error.

msg 207, Level 16, state 1 line 27

Invalid column name 'srvid'

msg 207, Level 16, state 1 line 28

Invalid column name 'xstatus'

Kindly assist.


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  • Hello Sriram,

    The script is for SQL Server 2005 - 2014. I just checked myself and I found the same script in cartridge version
    You are correct, according to the release notes we support SQL Server 2016.
    So there might be a bug in this script.

    Please raise a service request for this issue, so we can properly track it.

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