Does Foglight check replica availability?

We are implementing the SQL Cartridge and we are getting errors for the following things:

Databases not being backed up for X days on secondary databases (availability groups, mirrors, etc.)  

SSISDB in an availability group fails the various checks since it is not available on the secondary replica.


Is there a setting or configuration to check for primary or secondary database? 

  • Hi Randy,

    Beginning in the SQL Server cartridge an enhancement (SSFOG-59) was added to both backup rules to check if the database is the preferred replica for backup. This change is detailed in Knowledgebase Article 184004.

  • This appears to work if the backup preference of the AG is set to Primary. If it is set to "prefer secondary" (default setting), the preferred replica value is set to 1 on the secondary and so the check runs against the secondary. The primary is the one getting backed since the secondary is not available so the check fails and it reports that the databases have not been backed up.
  • I have been assisting with your Service Request for this issue. I have updated the KB article 184004 with specifics about the code that the rule is using the determine the status. It might take some time for the update to been seen on Supportlink. We will follow up in the SR to you directly.