How do I create a report based on HA and capacity left on Hosts in a cluster, in the case of an HA event ?

I have 2 separate Datacenters and wanted to concentrate on 1 cluster in a datacenter to look at capacity of Hosts in this Cluster.. 

In this case if a Host fails and creates an HA event and all VMs migrate to other Hosts in the cluster. Would the remaining Hosts be able to sustain this HA event ??  Is there a Report or dashboard I can create based on this  and how do I do this ?

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  • Hi Cindy,

    You can enforce HA and Enable Admission Control at the Cluster level in vSphere. Under Admission Control Policy, you can specify how many host failures the cluster will tolerate. VMware will then enforce the policy and limit the number of VMs that can be created so it can withstand a host failure you selected.

    As far as I know, the Capacity Management dashboard in Foglight will read your HA configuration and Admision control policy and let you know how many more VMs can be created, considering the the host failures the cluster tolerates.

    I hope this helps.


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