EXCClusterNode scope within a Service


I am using the Cluster Active Node Change Rule for Exchange. I am attempting to scope out for the rule definition to look at a particular Service Builder, but I am running into an issue. The topology Type, just comes back that the scope query is valid, but doesn't return the value I scoped out within the rule.


Could someone help me see what I'm doing wrong here? It might very well be that this might not be applicable, but just need to know if I'm going in the right direction.


(EXCClusterNode: cluster.type in {'CCR', 'SCC'} and $object within^1 (FSMChildService where name like "Child Service Name%" and parentService in (FSMService where name = "%Parent Service%")))


I was trying to follow along usingthis KB to create it


Thank you.

  • As your description, please notice that the type of outcome of the scope-out query is 'EXCClusterNode'. While, for the rule 'Cluster Active Node Change', the script within the condition of 'Warning' needs the type of EXCCluster. So, I think it will throw exception when it runs into your new customized rule.