Foglight support for working with Password/credentials Vaults systems


it would be great to understand if Foglight supports working with 3rd party systems of Password/credentials management Vaults. (CyberArk for instance).

thank you!



  • Hi Eli,

    we do not support password management systems out of the box.
    You can configure LDAP/AD authentication in Foglight or you can create a user in Foglight itself.

    But please contact our PSO team and they can check if there is a way to link Foglight with a password management system. Foglight is very flexible and allows a lot of customization, so it might work - I do not know.

    You can contact the PSO team here. Or you can speak with your Quest account manager and he/she can arrange the PSO contact on your behalf.


    Kind Regards


  • Hi Nicola,
    thanks a lot for this information provided.
    have a great Day!