Is there an alarm for excessive connections in Foglight for SQL Server?

SQL has ~32K limit on connections.  Is there a built-in alarm that monitors the number of connections to a database instance?

  • Hello Randy,

    we have a dashboard where you see the amount of current sessions (active and inactive). I checked the current rules and there are some rules which are firing when we see a baseline deviation. For example the rule "DBSS - All Active Connections Baseline Deviation" is firing when we see a deviation from the baseline of active connections. The baseline is being caculated by Foglight and based on the amount of active connections in the past.

    I cannot find a rule firing based on a static amount of connections. But you can create your own rule as the metric you need is available. There is a collection called "SQL Server Connection Summary" and it collects a lot of connection related metrics:

    Active Connections Percent, All Active Connections, Background Sessions, Blocked Connections, Blockers Connections, Connections Running DBCC, Foreground Sessions, Internal Connections, Machine Connections, Max Block Time, Max Connections Allowed, Max Threads Allowed, SQL Active Threads, SQL Executions, System Connections, Total Connections, User Active Connections, User Connections, User Inactive Connections, Worker Threads Used Percent

    Does that help?

  • Thanks again Nicola. Do you know if there are tutorials for groovy scripting available? Or if there is documentation?
  • Hello Randy,

    we do not have a groovy tutorial, but you can find details about groovy on the groovy webpage.

    We have some tutorials how to customize Foglight by creating your own dashboards, queries and/or reports, for example the web component guide and tutorial or the dashboard guide or the data model guide.

    But I do not know if those will help you, you can have a quick look.

    If you have a specific question and you cannot find anything in those docs, in our knowledge base or in another forum thread or blog post,  I would recommend to raise new thread and describe exactly what you want to do. There are a lot of technical consultants following this forum and they will be able to provide the needed code snippet.

    I hope this helps.



  • Once again, thank you very much. I was not aware of the groovy website. Most of what we are trying to do is to setup complex conditions within rules. We have numerous checks we want to perform that require parsing input and using the values to determine which severity to use.