SQL Server session blocking alert - where do I find this?

I have recently implemented Foglight for MSSQL after using Idera DM for 10 years.  I cannot find a session blocking alert but do see the metric on the Overview screen in the Instance Performance section. 

  • Hello Mr. SQL,

    is the blocking situation solved?

    The alarm might have been auto cleared, after the blocking situation was solved. On the alarms dashboard you will see only active/current alarms. If the alarm is cleared you have to look at the historical alarms. See the screen shot below how to get the historical alarms using the alarm filter:


    Another option might be that the blocking situation does not last so long, that the alarm threshold has been reached. By default we will trigger an alarm after 90 seconds, so if the lock is less than 90 seconds, no alarm will be raised.

    Does that help?

    Kind Regards