How do I use multiple UDC's in a single alarm

I have created 2 UDC's.  The first performs a count of users that are not in compliance with our security policy.  The seconds displays the user information.  I have successfully set up a rule that will fire if the count of non-compliant users in the SQL Server instance is greater than zero and it sends an email.  How can I take the results from the second UDC (username, organization) and send this information in the same alarm email?


UDC 1 checks for the existence of the condition

UDC 2 returns the user information that meet the condition.


At the moment, the email shows the instance and a message that there is an issue with user security.  Now I want to add to the email to state " and here are the users that failed the check:





  • Rather than trying to use two UDCs, I created a single UDC that gathers the count and then the list of users into two distinct fields. The users are a single comma delimited string. I can then use the notation of #user_list# to use the string in the email that is generated from the rule to list the users.