Anyone seen a state change is pending for agent error on a Hyper V physical host?

Foglight reports "Cannot establish connection to servername: State change is pending for agent fb8be857-fbcf-4747-973d-295a8570e581/HyperVAgent/5.7.7/HyperVAgent/ Connection to host servername has been cancelled."

I have:

- Rebooted the Foglight server
- Rebooted the Hyper V servers
- Created new credentials for the agents for two misbehaving Hyper V physical hosts (I have 3 others in a different cluster which are working fine)
- Created new agents for the two misbehaving Hyper V physical hosts

Any ideas?


  • Hello Alan,

    it sounds like the name of the server cannot be resolved. You can try to use IP instead of the hostname. Does that work?
    Also please try to ping the server from the FglAM machine where the HyperV agent is located. Are you able to ping?

    If ping works fine and there is no firewall or similar which could block the connection and also using the IP does not help, please raise a service request. In that case, we need to look a the log files and might need to do a webex session to investigate further.

    Kind Regards


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