New Python Cartridge custom agent

I would like to use the new Python cartridge agent to develop an agent to collect Linux Huge Pages memory metrics from our database servers. I'd like to create it as a remote agent so I don't need to install a FglAM on the database servers. Can these Python custom agents take advantage of the credentials already defined in the FMS? If so how is that done?

If I can create a remote agent would it be best to create on agent instance per server monitored, or could I create one agent instance to monitor many servers? I could supply the hostnames to monitor as properties of the agent.

Any input would be appreciated.



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  • Hi Kris,

    The Foglight Python Agent gets deployed in FglAM, so if you wanted to collect huge pages from Linux hosts, you would need to establish an SSH connection and as you said, reuse credentials.

    I did some research and IC-2445 is an enhancement to our Infrastructure (host) agents that should use the existing IC agent to collect huge pages.

    My suggestion, is you contact Support or your sales representative and mention you would like IC-2445 implemented. I will add a note to IC-2445 and contact our Product Manager and let him know about this request.

    Let me know your thoughts,

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