Deployment Manager Collection is empty



Just by luck, I decided to control my Deployment Manager collection to make sure it was collecting events form my Domain Controllers. To my surprise, the Collection was empty! Wow !!!!! 

I opened InTrust Manager and found the following event:


Event ID: 13590

Source:    InTrust Agent Manager


Site 'All Domain Controllers' enumeration error: 1052 - Cannot retrieve the computers list from domain ''. (2 - ).


This alert appeared several times, 1 week ago !!!

Of course, I was never notified of this. Real-time monitoring only really works (without flooding you with unnecessary events) if you tailor it to specific events, otherwise you are overwhelmed with warnings.


Is there any way to get my Collection back or to create some sort of trigger to get InTrust to retrieve the list of servers once it cannot?



  • Hi Waldo,
    I did not get, what was the reason of this enumeration error, something happened with the domain or account you used?
    You're saying admin may be overwhelmed with warnings, but I think he can tune the rule to exclude the event ids that he suppose to be a white noise, one by one, and after some time he can get the rule that will report such "new" unexpected issues and not report ordinary warnings.
  • Hi Igor,


    Iam still nvestigating why it cannot enumerate our domain. I ended up rebooting the InTrust server and my Site is still empty; no Domain Controllers are being enumerated.

    After 3 - 5 minutes of enumerating, I receive the following message:

    I agree that I now need to fine-tune monitoring so that I will be warned when this happens again.


    Any suggestions on what to do or where to look for solutions?


  • If I face such situation, I first of all would try to understand is this an InTrust or Environmental issue. For example, I would install Admin Pack with ADUC (or some other tool able to browse a domain) on this server and try to connect to the domain under InTrust server's account.
  • Hi Igor,
    I ran ADUC using credentials of our InTrust account and it can browse the Domain.
    I also checked in Change Auditor for any changes to the InTrust account since the enumeration issue occured. Nothing as changed.
    I ran enumeration of our Site "All DCs in our Domain" again and it resulted in the screenshot I attached to my previous message.

    In the InTrust manager log, I do see the following:

    Failed to enable real-time monitoring on '<Domain Contorller>' agent. Error text: ADC Error: Agent doesn't have an established connection to InTrust server (0x8adc2c09).

    This is for each DC whic should be in my Site.

  • Hi igor,

    I ran a few queries with from the InTrust Repository Viewer and strangely enough, it now shows current events. Before, it didn't.

    I rebooted the server one more time and now all DCs are visible in my Collection.
    I have no explanation for this, but we can close this ticket. Perhaps the screenshot I included earlier could shed some light on the issue.