Repository is about 8 hours behind Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager shows events coming in near real-time. However, the Repository is showing data that is 8 hours old.

Other than that, the Repository looks healthy... no visible gaps going back over 6 months.

Where is the update button in my Repository... Lol. 



  • Hi JC,
    I can imagine the opposite (and saw it many times), when Deployment Manager shows the old Last Event mark, but RV shows more recent events, this is because Last Event mark is a calculated thing. Could you check and clarify, are you comparing Last Event time mark under a green Collecting computer in IDM -AND- the time of the last event from the same log of the same computer in the correct Repository and without any filters? Cause this data that is more recent than 8 hours old may be filtered out somehow.
  • Hi Igor,

    Yes, I'm positive. Here is how I came upon it.

    I was creating an event on a Domain Controller for some testing. It was not showing up in the Repository when I searched for it, even hours after the event. I then checked events in Repository Viewer and noticed they were 8 hours old. I then checked Deployment Manager to make sure it was collecting events and it was. I can send some Bitmaps if you would like to see.

    It's exhibiting the same behavior today. Repository Viewer is way behind Deployment Manager.

    With that said, RV is now showing the events from yesterday. It's as if it "caught up."


  • I don't know if it's convenient but maybe I will catch some inconsistency, let it be full screens, first with Collection and Computer expanded in IDM, with Last Event time marks visible, second with Collections node and the Repo name visible, third with RV connected to this Repo, with a Search Filter without unnecessary filters, and events found visible. Thanks.
  • Hi Jim,
    I've received your screens, thank you. The last one depicts the repository files under Repository|Microsoft Windows Network|Domain|Computer|Security node. Do you always use these files to search through the Repo? Actually these files are the files from so-called Main part of the Repo, and they do not include the so-called Hot data. This file list is there for some "backward compatibility in user experience", and starting from 11.2 we removed this list of files at all. Instead of using the list of files, try to search right on the Security node or the node with Computer name. Just click on any of above and then "Go!". The recent events should appear.

  • Igor,

    I'm not sure I understand. I don't always know which Domain Controller the event took place on. I'm using Custom Search folders to search the entire Repository.

    I never go directly to the node to search, I only drill down to it to see when the latest data is from.

    I was under the impression that Deployment Manager was constantly streaming data into the Repository Viewer real-time.

    Can you point me to documentation that discusses "hot data"?