Dell Intrust Deployment Manager computer Status

Dell Intrust Deployment Manager version:


Hi everyone,,

from a few days I have one single repository whit some servers on "configuring" status (other reposiitory are ok).

I tried to:

  • I delete the server from the repository
  • I diinstall the intrust agent from the server
  • I reboot the Intrust Server
  • I tested the 900 port it's ok

Nothing works.

Anyone can help me or explain me why the servers remainng in this status?




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  • OK, there are several conditions of successful automatic installation. RPC availability is one of them. But also Server and Agent should be able to resolve each other by a "long" DNS name, I mean ping on Agent side and ping on Server side should both work. And of course the account under which the Server tries to install the Agent should have administrative rights on Agent. If some of these conditions are not met, we consider the environment "untrusted" and manual agent installation is required.
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