Intrust: Capture logs from non-domain computers?

While Intrust agents can be installed on domain-joined systems, is it possible to deploy the agents and have them send events from non-domain joined systems? I read the documentation that explains how to manually install an agent, but no details on if the system needs to be a domain member.




  • Hi Sean,

    Of course, it is possible, no need to be a Domain member. If your computers are from the Workgroup and Server can ping them by the name or IP4 (6 is not supported), then you simply add these IPs to the site (collection), then specify the account which has the administrative rights on that computers (local account) and voila, agents will be installed automatically.
    And in case you choose the way of manual installation which may bring a little bit more overhead, you even don't need to specify the account in the site properties, just to add agent IPs to a site (collection).