How to perform InTrust Server Rollback when the Production InTrust Server back online

"InTrust server is down" rule will failover to the Standby InTrust server in the same InTrust Organization.

How to perform InTrust Server Rollback when the Production InTrust Server back online?

As per Quest Support KB Article, there is a rollback option available in InTrust server. There is no such option found in InTRust Manager (or) in the User Guide.

Have anyone come across similar scenario?


Thanks in advance.




Does InTrust server fail-over (InTrust server is down rule) handle real-time collection sites (150036) 

  • (my guess, as far I remember 6 years ago)
    #1. Each Collection Site (both in Collection Job and Alerts) can be focused to specific InTrust01 (or 02) Server in the InTrust Org (same or replica db) for Load distrubution. And also for HA Failover.
    #2. (probably) you may shutdown InTrust02 Serve Service and wait until already alive InTrust01 will take over all activities (probably ugly solution)

  • "Roll Back" option will become available only after fail-over has occurred. You can test/see this option manually if needed via InTrust Manager (would suggest to test in a lab if possible).

    1. Expand Configuration | InTrust Servers | Right-click on the InTrust server which currently owns Sites/Tasks in question. Select Failover | Switch and step through the wizard. Click Commit (blue check-mark).

    2. Right-click on the InTrust server again and select Failover. Notice there is now "Rollback" option available to revert the changes. Step through the wizard to roll everything back.

    The same Rollback process would be followed in the event "InTrust server is down" real-time rule is triggered in fail-over situation.