Deployment Manager: Last Event more than 3 weeks old

InTrust: version 11.2

Collection comprised of only Domain controllers.


Collecting status is green, however, the Last Event collected is more than 3 weeks old for each Domain Controller. I opened repository Viewer and ran a query. Most current events showing are also more than 3 weeks old.

I deleted my collection and created a new collection. Same results, the Last Event is never updated.

Any suggestions?



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  • Hi David,

    That is one of the known issues addressed in InTrust update mentioned earlier actually.

    Issue: After a restart of the SQL server that hosts the configuration database, information about the last event time for datasources in InTrust Deployment Manager collections isn't updated any more.
    Defect ID: 667933

    I would suggest to:

    1. Download Update 20170707:

    2. Stop InTust services on all IT servers in the InTrust Organization
    3. Clear the stale records from [dbo].[ITRTAgentDataSource] table in the InTrust_Cfg_DB:

    Delete From [dbo].[ITRTAgentDataSource]

    4. Install the hot-fix on all InTrust servers in the organization.
    5. Restart InTrust services on collector servers
    6. Allow InTrust to run for a bit. Will take some time for collections to be updated. As new event logs arrive from collection objects 'last event' status will be updated.


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