Missing Permissions to create default profile for IT Monitoring Console

I have read all the permissions needed to create the default profile for IT Monitoring Console. The application is installed however, the default profile isn't showing. I am curious to know if I am missing some permissions somewhere as when I try to actually create a profile I receive a COM+ application error and states I cannot create the profile, access denied. If someone would be so gracious to help me out on what I am potentially missing as far as permissions go, that would be awesome.


Any feedback would be great!




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  • Hi Nicole,

    Can you share the exact "access denied" error? There are a few different ones so important we know which one you see there just in case.

    Most common issue is with UAC. Please try the following:

    1. Right-click Internet Explorer and select "Run as Administrator"
    2. Enter the path of the Monitoring Console: http://<intrust_server>/ITMonitoring/Administration/
    3. Create the Alert Profile


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